What is the TICFIBER?

The TICFIBER ( Thamizhaga Internet Communications Pvt Ltd ) is Chennai's new fiber network. It’s designed to provide you with access to all the benefits of fast and reliable internet services, wherever you live.

TICFIBER Network Technology

TICFIBER is committed to providing access to fast, reliable and affordable broadband services throughout TAMILNADU.

Fiber optic cable technology will replace some of the existing copper wire and HFC networks which use electricity to transfer data to run telecommunications services in INDIA.

The fiber may run to the premises, or to nodes/pillars in neighbourhoods. Fiber is inherently capable of supporting high bandwidth, which can bring a wealth of benefits including; multiple users being online at the same time and at the same fast speeds, short download time, quick upload time and a smooth online experience.


TCCL ( Thamizhaga Cable TV Cable Communications Pvt Ltd ) - Leading MSO in TAMILNADU is our Parent Company. TCCL full filled the Televison Customers through their Unintreptted, High Defination Telecast. Now they are in INTERNET World to full fill the Broadband Users through TICFIBER

Getting connected

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